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Singer-songwriter Ashley Wilson is crafting fresh new sounds for her debut album, Paint The Sky, blending jazz pop and country folk into melodies and lyrics that catch your ear. It’s a nimble collection of atmospheric, jazz-soaked musings that recalls Norah Jones’ sophisticated debut.

Based in San Francisco, by way of Atlanta, Georgia, Ashley is a storyteller first, weaving together words and arrangements that convey, through song, the universal theme of connection: to one’s self, to partners who may come and go, to family, and friends who stay with us no matter what. These are songs that remind listeners of their own stories, and what comes with remembering.

With training in jazz piano/composition with producer and multi-instrumentalist Arthur Khu, and experience singing jazz professionally in San Francisco, Ashley is equally at home on stage performing as she is writing at her piano and in coffee shops around San Francisco.

Paint The Sky was released on all digital music platforms on March 1, 2019. Listen now on Spotify.